Organize and coordinate the accounting activities including finalization and consolidation of accounts, balance sheets, MIS reports and fulfillment of statutory requirements of Govt. Authorities & Banks.

Conditions de travail

  • Planning & budgeting of Financial, Accounting and Administrative Policy (HR Budget, General Means, Budget preparation, optimization and monitoring (cost control and evolve tracking system...)
  • Supervise audit assignments (internal and external)
  • Performing an active watch on legal and regulatory
  • Implementation of the actions necessary to bring the company
    into compliance
  • Management of financial flows, including cash flow,
    Centralization of contracts related to the administrative and financial activity established by the company and react in case of disputes
  • Production of the financial statements of the company (income statements, balance sheets )
  • Tax management ( DMU, VAT recovery, payment of corporation tax) of the company
  • Management of relations with fund providers (shareholders, banks etc....)

Profile / Qualifications / Experience

  • Should have excellent communication skills in English and French language
  • Should have knowledge of Tax & Commercial Laws in Guinea
  • Should have ability in strategic thinking, planning, Organizing
    and implementing
  • Should be able to work and manage cross-functional team
  • Should have analytical and problem solving skills
  • Leadership skill to fulfill the expectations of stakeholders
  • 10 - 15 years of experience in similar role
  • / Degree with CA qualification



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