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Description de la fonction

KEY ACCOUNTABILITIES: One and six weeks forecast

  • Provide support to prepare the one week and six weeks rolling forecast
  • Consolidate the inputs from the different departments
  • Prepare reports and perform analysis on the actual performance versus plan
  • Consolidate the actions required in the short-term and support following-up the status update

Operating model

  • Attend daily production routine meetings and provide support to Operations to ensure an effective process
  • Support on the preparation and consolidation of the daily meeting materials

  • Attend weekly pre-planning and planning meetings

  • Provide clarification to stakeholders around the overall business planning process and steps

  • Understand and track compliance of Operations and other departments with the Lenders’governance and conditions

Business planning cycle

  • Provide support to successfully deliver the business planning steps and activities

Tech-economic analysis and scenario selection

  • Support the organization to design business cases for financial evaluation
  • Provide inputs for risk rating assessment and scenario analysis
  • Socialise Investment allocation procedure


  • Direct input authority on One and six weeks forecast materials
  • Indirect output authority on identifying Operational risks and actions to ensure delivery of the plan

Within the department – Business planning area

  • Indirect output authority on risk simulation process with @Risk, financial impact
  • Advisory authority on identification of treats and opportunities to long-term plan
  • Alternate to the long-term plan analyst

Within the department – PMO area

  • Indirect output authority on risk assessment in Operations
  • Advisory authority on identification of treats and opportunities
  • Indirect output authority on reports and action log register for Operations
  • Auditing authority regarding the alignment with the elements of the PMO green book
  • Within the department – Business Improvement area
  • Advisory authority on Operating model roll-out
  • Advisory output authority on Business improvement portfolio

Other Functions

  • Indirect output authority on business planning process activities
  • Advisory authority on opportunity identification to increase integration across functions


  • Auditing authority regarding the Lenders’ governance and conditions



Formal qualification

  • An undergraduate qualification (Bachelors / Honours Bachelors degree) in a relevant Technical (such as Mining, Engineering, Processing, Geosciences) or Business discipline.
  • Further educational qualifications that are desirable include: a formal financial qualification (such as Charter accounting or CFA) or a postgraduate qualification (Masters or Doctoral degree or equivalent) in a relevant discipline.
  • Must have extensive practical experience in a role and context of similar complexity
  • Knowledge of safety policies, procedures and the important role of consistently demonstrating required behaviours and championing safety values


  • This work involves analysis, reflection and the use of data over a longer period of time, in order to anticipate problems. It requires knowledge of the overall system.
  • Demonstrated timely, pragmatic and effective decision making drawing on limited inputs and sometimes incomplete information
  • Demonstrated understanding of the complexities of internal and external drivers and their impact on strategic decision making
  • Experience in Mining or logistics
  • Experience and familiarity with Excel, Xeras and @Risk software
  • Problem solving and organization & process structuring skills
  • Consistently displays a positive and engaged manner
  • Motivated, consistently works to best of ability to meet performance criteria
  • Facilitate agreement and co-operation using a diplomatic and open approach
  • Work with diverse teams and sensitive to local social, political and cultural realities
  • Use networks in all stages of decision making to ensure decisions are not made in isolation, though not to the extent that would be seen as abdicating responsibility
  • Strives to do things significantly better

Technical competencies:

  • Business case evaluation: Track record in financial modelling, quantitative analysis and in the application of techno-economic and valuation techniques. To understand and extract the key elements and drivers from all related disciplines of a study in order to produce a coherent Business Case that talks to the combined strategic, financial and risks arguments of the opportunity
  • Financial planning and analysis: Applies data analytical tools and techniques to create accurate management reports for decision-making. Effectively presents information in a way that supports business activity and ultimately optimises business performance
  • Planning and scheduling: Sets the planning strategy for the project or programme, determining the overall planning structure, the purpose and design for each level of planning and ensures integration with the rest of the project via the work-breakdown structure.



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